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    Intuitive & Synaesthetic Artwork - blending light, colour and pattern 


    My artwork is a combination of intuitive response and synaesthetic experience. I sense energy and see colour and shape, light and pattern. Whether it is an abstract piece or a mandala, nothing is planned out, it evolves as it emerges through the senses. Sometimes a word or title will suggest itself before I start, or may appear partway through the work. Sometimes it is just a pure flow of colour and energy without need for words.

    The journey is to trust what appears. Likewise it is up to you to trust your own response to it. If it resonates with you then that is enough. You will know if a piece is meant for you. You'll know if you light up inside.
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    Personal Mandalas


    These are available on request and are drawn intuitively after a conversation with you. The intention is to create a mandala that resonates with you - a reflection of your energy as I sense it, in its balanced, harmonious state, which draws you back into reconnection with the innate state of balance within you. I can also create a piece to help anchor the energy and intention of a new venture or new beginning in your life. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.


    All artwork is original and hand drawn with much care, using high quality materials, in my peaceful rural studio in the UK. As I write this, the birds are singing their early spring songs, the first wild flowers are appearing after the winter rest, and the sound of the brook flowing over the rocks is my much-loved and familiar companion. This is where your artwork is born.
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